Monastery of Nuns of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans)

Prague - Lysolaje



31 January 2017 It is with joy and gratitude that we inform you that Sr. Marie Pitterová OP was elected prioress of our community for another three-year term. Your prayers for the new prioress and the whole community will be greatly appreciated.

Attention please! As requested by our brothers, Dominican friars, the Mass on all Saturdays and Sundays will start at 8:15, beginning from the Saturday of 13 December (before the Third Sunday of Advent). This is because of the bus connection (at 8:00 from the Dejvicka terminal). The time of the Mass on other days remains the same (7:45).

We announce with joy that Sr. Marie Pitterová is the new prioress of our community. She was elected on 17 January 2014 for three years. The election was confirmed by the Provincial Fr. Benedikt and accepted by Sr. Marie. We wish her abundant blessings from God and pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit for her. We ask you too for your prayer for Sr. Marie and all our community.

June 2013: The long-lasting rain stopped and our place is dry. Not so our neighbours in Podbaba. In the media you can hear about the damage caused by the water or, on the other hand, about the areas that have been successfully protected. But a nearly forgotten part of Prague, separated from the Moldau river by an old railway viaduct, seems to go largely unnoticed. A mere glance at the V Podbabě street immediately triggers another view, 11 years back, when the only part of the massive viaduct still above the water were the rails. Needless to say, the houses under the viaduct were very bad. Now the level of the water was lower. The people living on the right side of the street are happy in that only their cellars have been flooded. Their neighbours on the opposite side of the streeet are less lucky as the water flooded their ground floor. Podbaba, so it seems, is not a part of Prague that would be medially attractive, but the damage caused by the flood in this area is great. Obviously, the situation of our neighbours touches us; at the moment we try to see what is exactly needed so as to be able to help them (as far as we can). We will try to put a more detailed description of the situation soon on this special web-site; now you can look at least at the pictures of the flooded Podbaba there. We ask your prayers for the affected people; if you would like to help them also materially, please contact us.

On February 1 and 4 we were visited by two groups of children from the “Šárynka” kindergarten - first, the little children, and the other day, the older ones. They came accompanied by their teachers. It was a very nice meeting. First we talked over tea and cakes; then we all went over to our chapel where their “Candlemas” candles made by their own hands were blessed. Since the children are used to spend most of their time outside, they continued for a walk before returning to their kindergarten. The teachers asked us if they may visit us again, to which we joyfully said yes. So, we see each other soon!

On Sunday, the6th of January 2013, the Solemnity of the Epiphany, we experienced a great joy. After a year of trial period in our community, our postulant Ludmila received the habit and began a two-year-long novitiate. Our community thus has a new sister - Sr Marie Monika. Click here to view some pictures from this wonderful celebration.

On Tuesday 23 rd September 2012 a traditional meeting of the group of friends of Fr. Karel Dománek SJ took place in our monastery, to commemorate the anniversary of the death of this wonderful priest, man and friend to all of us. The Mass, celebrated again by Fr. Neliba, was followed by the usual agapé. The atmosphere was such as if Fr. Karel himself was sitting and laughing with us again - friendly, full of friendship and understanding. We are all grateful that we were granted the privilege of knowing this “unusually normal” man and being touched by his unobtrusive, yet all the more powerful witness of God, the Giver of joy.

On 1st June 2012, the ‘Night of the Churches’ took place all over Central Europe. Everywhere except in Lysolaje. We have no church in Lysolaje! But we have four sacred places: our monastic chapel; the chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows by the fountain at Housle (‘the Violin’); the chapel on the village square; and the cross in the fields – on the pilgrim way from St. Matthew’s parish church to the chapel by the fountain. So Lysolaje had the ‘Night of the Chapels’. The chapels were open, the bells ringing, the sisters praying, the children playing and ringing the bell. Parents and grandparents came along, so we had some 85 visitors altogether. Neighbours young and not so young helped as organizers. There were a few showers but the children did not seem to mind. See some pictures on our web; full documenting can be seen here. 

On 31st May 2012, the Feast of Visitation of Our Lady, we celebrated the anniversary of the blessing of our chapel together with our Brother, the Archbishop of Prague, Dominik Duka OP. After the solemn Mass at 5:30 p.m. all were invited into the monastery for a chat over a cup of tea.

On 20th April 2012 Arch. Václav Dvořák died – a great friend and benefactor of our community. In the 1990’s he authored the project of the extension of our house, in particular of the chapel. He supervised the whole process of the building, taking care that every detail be in keeping with the harmonic unity of the aesthetical and functional elements of the new building. He did for us all that willingly, fondly and completely for free. He was our great supporter and help. Also with view of the building of a new monastery he gave us many a wise advice and offered us his interesting ideas. We will always remember his humour and goodness. We will continue to draw from the fountain of his teaching about the attentiveness to beauty and truth in art. We hope he will now remember us to the Almighty, being our precious advocate and help especially in the matter of the building of a new monastery. R.I.P.

This year also our community will join the ‘Night of the Churches’ to take place on 1st June 2012. It is an ecumenical event shared by the various Christian Churches in the Czech Republic. It is an occasion to invite general public to the churches and to offer them a possibility to meet Christianity by means of music, art, experience, in the atmosphere of the evening and the night. Detailed programme of the evening in our chapel and in other sacred places in Lysolaje will be presented later.

On 29th February the Mass in our chapel was celebrated by Fr. Ludvík Armbruster SJ, the former Dean of the Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University, in thanksgiving for 80 years of life of our great friend and German teacher, PhDr. Vratislav Slezák. Also present was PhDr. Jaroslav Med, a teacher of the Czech literature at the same Faculty and a literary critic. The Mass was followed by a big celebration in the monastery. A sumptuous, although a bit squashed birthday cake was served, baked by Sr. Jacka. We enjoyed our time together, grateful for such wonderful moments.

On 2nd February 2012 the Eucharistic celebration was presided by fr. Jan Rajlich OP in the presence of members of the Light and Life movement (also called the Oasis movement). This has already become a tradition. More members of the movement were present this year than in previous years. Candles blessed during the celebration were afterwards taken by the youth to their respective communities in order to remind them of Christ – Light of the World.

Our Sister Růžena's father Václav Vučka died on 10 January 2012. He died suddenly of cardiac arrest. His funeral took place on 20 January. We will remember him as the kind and good man that he was, full of humour and patience. May he rest in peace.

Sister Marie Pitterová was appointed the sub-prioress of our monastery for another three-year term on 19th January 2011.

We are happy to announce that on 10th January, 2011 our community elected its prioress for the next three years. Sister Kateřina Foltová, who had already served in this position for the past three years, was re-elected. Our gratitude goes to all who have accompanied the election by their prayers. Please keep the new prioress and all our community in your prayer. See some pictures from the rite of the installation of the new prioress.